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Neneh Cherry & Rocket Number Nine LIVE from Electric Ballroom
Blank Project, recorded alongside the Chingford-based duo RocketNumberNine (aka brothers Thomas & Benjamin Page, known for their idiosyncratic electronica without a click track) and with production from Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, the post-rock producer celebrated for his electronic psychedelic experimentation, is Neneh Cherry’s first solo record in 17 years.

The Grammy-nominated and Brit-winning singer performs the new material bouncing around with a kinetic urgency and her sometimes-spoken, sometimes-screeching, soul-flooded vocals are raw and disarming.

Elements of beat poetry, avant-electronica and beautiful vocal melodies combine to make pop music that sounds like nothing else you could call pop music. It’s a record that uses simple ideas to create something entirely original.


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